The Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee works to ensure a long-term, quality water supply for the Palouse Basin region.

We Are Committed To Working Together

A graphic outline of Whitman and Latah County borders, with Whitman County in orange and Latah County in blue, with the words: Whitman and Latah.

The Palouse Groundwater Basin is the sole source of drinking water across eastern Washington (Pullman, WA) and northern Idaho (Moscow, ID). The Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee (PBAC) is a consortium of public entities including cities, counties, and universities, along with the respective state water agencies. By working together, their goal is to implement the Palouse Basin Groundwater Management Plan, enacted in 1992, by analyzing and researching the Palouse Groundwater Basin. The Committee monitors groundwater levels and annual water usage, continually advocates for education opportunities within the community, and explores implementing supplemental water sources.

Next General Meeting (3rd Thursdays):
Thursday, May 16th, 2024 @2:00 PM
Check out the upcoming meeting agenda here.

In Person: UI Facilities Building in Jack's Creek (Room 151)

875 Perimeter Drive in Moscow, ID

Virtual:  Passcode PBAC

Upcoming Events

UI Latah County Extension Sustainability Workshop Series

2nd Floor Conference Room, Federal Building, Moscow, ID

1st Workshop: Monday, April 22nd @6pm Recycling, energy & water efficiency, composting

2nd Workshop: Tuesday, April 30th @6pm Rainwater Harvesting 101

3rd Workshop: Thursday, May 16th @6pm Irrigation Auditing


3 Forks River and Arts Festival

Saturday, May 18th @10am-5pm Downtown Pullman, WA


Water Supply Alternatives Report

PBAC commissioned Alta Science & Engineering, Inc. in 2020 to refine five water supply project alternatives and generate recommendations for the best way to move towards project implementation. PBAC adopted Alta's findings at their August 18, 2022, meeting.


Cover Page of the Water Supply Alternatives Report written by Alta Science & Engineering

General Information

2015 Informational Update to the 1992 Groundwater Management Plan ||  Download

Original 1992 Groundwater Management Plan ||  Download

Boundary Map of the Palouse Basin Aquifer System || Download

Entity Action Plans ||  Download

PBAC Fact Sheet || Download

PBAC Mission and Goals ||  Download

PBAC Interagency Agreement ||  Download

History of Groundwater Management on the Palouse ||  Download

PBAC Bylaws ||  Download