PBAC- Water Savings Device Program

The Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee's Water Savings Device Program (PBAC-WSDP) will be launched in October of 2021. This program aims to provide water savings devices to the rural residence of Latah County, ID, and Whitman County, WA.

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PBAC-WSDP Implementation

PBAC collaborated with the Palouse Conservation District on a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency. The grant was funded, and PBAC was awarded a portion of that great to launch the PBAC-WSDP. The original idea was to provide rural residence within the Palouse Basin boundaries access to water savings devices. But after having conversations about the unknowns about the exact basin boundaries, the decision was made to include all of Whitman and Latah County while targeting areas within the range of the estimated basin boundaries. Water is continuously moving in and out of the basin, and regional water conservation is an important step in saving water in our basin.

Device Details

Currently, PBAC will offer conservation kits including these devices: rain gauge, hose timer, hose repair kit, soil moisture gauge, and a spray nozzle.

Water Savings Devices

Are you a rural resident who could use outdoor water savings devices?

Reach out to Korey Woodley, at Kwoodley@uidaho.edu