Stakeholder Engagement Group

The mission of the SEG is to provide input to PBAC through dialogue among a broad range of interested parties focusing mainly on the four water supply alternatives and associated engineering and environmental evaluations and analyses, research activities, and public involvement efforts.


What does SEG do?

Build community awareness and understanding of the Palouse Basin’s groundwater supply, engage the community and build public support of and involvement in PBAC’s mission to ensure a quality, long-term water supply, and strengthen PBAC’s reputation and credibility as the Palouse Basin groundwater authority.

SEG Charter: In 2019, PBAC developed the SEG Charter with details on how SEG operates and the purpose of SEG.

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Who is on SEG and how can you join? Start by attending SEG meetings and check out our SEG Notes!

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General PBAC meeting minutes and documents can be found here.

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SEG Information

Next Meeting: Please attend the Palouse Basin Water Summit! October 21st, 2021, virtual event!


Need help? Contact the PBAC Executive Manager, Korey Woodley at: